About Me

Stephanie L. Mcjury is a hospitality professional that works hard at building relationships through compassion, optimism, and integrity. She surrounds herself with others who are engaged in the work they do, and understands the importance of staying connected to people. Mcjury has a passion for travel and hospitality, which has provided her with opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.

Mcjury is an active volunteer, and has been a wreath layer for the Holidays at Arlington National Cemetery for over ten years. Mcjury is the Chapter Co-Leader for the Washington National Capitol Chapter for Niagara Falls University’s alumni association, and a volunteer for the past ten years at Honor Flight Network, Inc. She is committed to the welcoming home of soldiers through the Honor Flight Network, and in continuing to honor their service through her work as a volunteer at Arlington National Cemetery.

Job Skills

Mcjury is skilled at building teams of volunteers, contract negotiations, budget creation and implementation and all aspects of event logistics. She is able to:

Negotiate successfully with a wide range of vendors to make an event happen

Build teams of volunteers, and train as needed as a leader in the hospitality industry

Create budgets and follow through with budget implementation to keep the costs of an event within the planned budget

Develop a network of people who are engaged in an event, and willing to volunteer, lead, or help organize

She has an open nature, and is always ready with leadership advice or to answer questions. She understands the importance of earning the trust of those around you, and she focuses on building these connections as a means to continue the work she does in event planning and beyond.

Academic Background

Mcjury obtained a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Niagara University, with a degree in Event and Meeting Management. She is pursuing Certified Meeting Professional Accreditation from the Events Industry Council, and she holds a Pandemic Compliance Advisor Certificate from Health Education Services. Mcjury continues to look for ways to improve on her skills, and takes time to find educational opportunities that arise. Academics are important to her, and she is an active member of her former university's alumni group as a way to give back to students who are engaged in similar pursuits.


Stephanie L. Mcjury has worked for NCURA: National Council of University Research Administrators since 2009, when she began working as a Senior Meetings Coordinator. She is now the Director of Meetings & Conferences, which she started in 2019. She further worked as a Meetings Coordinator and Meetings Assistant from 2009-2011 in Washington, D.C. Mcjury is proud of her accomplishments at NCURA, and knows that hard work and dedication are required to build a successful career. She has been able to work her way up to the director after spending years learning the various roles in the business and accepting promotional opportunities as they arose.

Personal Life

In her personal life, Stephanie L. Mcjury maintains her commitment to helping others. Mcjury has been involved in charity donations for the Andy and Jordan Dalton Foundation, John R. Oishei Children’s Hospital in Buffalo, Lollypop Farm and been a volunteer at SOME, So Others May Eat, in Washington D.C. She is happiest when she is making connections with other people, and helping out in some way. Mcjury loves children, and helps foundations do their important work through financial donations. She further believes in anti-hunger programs, and this is why she volunteers her time with programs such as SOME.

She is an avid runner, and is always looking for opportunities to challenge herself physically. Personal health is important to her, and she has been involved in athletic activities since she was young. At one point she was a cheerleader in high school, and this optimism and cheer has carried her through her into her professional career. Mcjury understands the importance of good physical health, and knows that this makes it easier to live a more optimistic, authentic life. When she is able to get enough running time in, she is better able to focus on the demanding aspects of her job.

Mcjury has been involved in youth soccer in the past as a volunteer coach. She has completed the Marine Corps Marathon two times, finished 8 half marathons, and participated on a wide range of 5k, 10k, and 10-mile races. She loves to run races with a tie to the military, as she believes that honoring those that have served is a significant way to give back to veterans.

Mcjury knows that it is important to always move forward with honesty, communication, and a listening ear. She is ready to exceed all event planning expectations, and brings teams together in order to get the job done. Her optimism is a beacon of light in the hospitality industry.


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